Friday Coffee Chat!

Shining Diamonds!

Are you going #craycrayforcash in June?

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Ok Shining Diamonds! We are going ‪#‎craycrayforcash‬ in JUNE! How??? Your leadership team is challenging YOU to book TWO shows this JUNE! If you book and qualify ($500) TWO IN HOME shows, you will be placed in a raffle for $150 CASH!

What will you do with this CASH???
1. Spend on yourself! Spa day anyone?
2. Save for the FALL LINE IN JULY?? Use for 50% off items and you really have $300!!!!!
3. Pay a Bill?
4. Take someone to a nice dinner?

Whatever it will be YOURS!!! Who's ready to BOOK TWO and get a little CRAZY!!!!???

Post #Craycrayforcash and your bookings on the PINNED POST and you will be entered!

ALL shows booked already count
TWO shows = 1 ticket
FOUR or more shows = 2 tickets!

**no online or events

NO shows??? Time to BOOK YOUR OWN!!!

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What do you have to LOSE? Time to HOST your own show this month!

1. You will get PAID!!!!

2. You have the new FALL preview to SHARE!

3. DO it before JUNE 15th and you can have customers shop NOW and later to redeem DD's :)

4. EXTRA $50 if over $500...all for new FALL LINE! WHY wouldn't you host???? Mine is set ! I host TWICE a can too!

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Want more info on how to SIZZLE your SUMMER?? Pop in and take a peek at the Facebook Chat our team did on Tuesday!!!


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New SENIOR STYLIST- Lori Favoroso

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New Associate Stylist- Christine Mendez

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Congrats Lori and Christine on your amazing success in MAY!!!!!!

Top in SALES!

These ladies are not just magically selling. Take a peek at the top in shows held! You will see that are just holding more shows! More shows = more ladies to BOOK with and more to sponsor :)

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Top in Sponsoring!

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Top Trunk Shows Held!

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Welcome NEW Stylists in MAY!

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Paraskevi Cavanagh

Amanda Matarazzi

Lindsey Longo

Ashley Blazaskie

Courtney Rawlinson

Catharine Gwaltney

Bernadette Serafini

June Specials!!!!

JOIN Us on Monday, June 8th for our Regional Stylist Meeting!!

Have a few ladies interested in the Stylist Opportunity? Tell them about our Meet S&D BEFORE the meeting, they can register here!!

Join us to see the NEW Fall Capsule Collection, hear tips and ideas to maximize your June, network with fellow Stylists and enjoy lite bites! Please rsvp here,

Not local to Pennsylvania?? Go to the EVENTS page in the Lounge and find the Stylist Meet-Up closest to YOU!!! Meetings are a great way to stay connected and hear amazing tips!!