Respect Personal Space

Who's in your bubble?

What's Your Bubble?

Personal space is a huge issue. Some people have a small bubble of personal space, some have a large bubble, but everyone has that bubble of space they feel comfortable with.

Establishing the Bubble

Three things you have to thing about when around people:

  1. How big is your bubble?
  2. How big is their bubble?
  3. Not everyone have the same size bubble

Respect the Bubble

Respecting someone's personal space is such an easy thing to do. Just because you have a small bubble doesn't mean that your friend is going to have the same bubble. Respecting their bubble is what everyone is doing. Are you?

Don't be that annoying bubble popper, no one likes them!

Bubble Emotions

Sometimes personal space is not established and when the bubble gets accidentally popped, feelings get hurt. Or even when personal space was established and purposely invaded, feelings of betrayal may become prevalent because that person trusted you to respect their bubble and you didn't. Personal space is such a touchy subject, but everyone around you respects it, why don't you?