E-Portfolio : DESIGN

Joyce Khor's Design Reflection

Design Introduction

I created 4 designs for my E-Portfolios. I outlined the positive and negative from other people points of view and also my perspective. After all, I picked one design out of the other 3. I will make my design and try to make it come ALIVE!

Design 1


  • The title is very big.
  • Simple Details about our school and myself.
  • Shows Picture.


  • A lot of blank spaces.
  • A lot of Information (Have at least 5-7 bullet points)
  • Not welcoming texts

Design 2


  • A lot of information
  • Fill all spaces
  • Shows almost all classes
  • Information about NISC Campus


  • Make the subject title bigger.
  • Dark Colors such as Black,Grey, and White.
  • There's no good name/title.

Design 3

  • Shows who is my teachers
  • Bullet Point about my
  • Gallery on the side


  • Plain information
  • Color Pick (black and white)

Design 4

  • Tabs on the top.
  • On the right hand side little information box
  • Name going down


  • ALOT of blank spaces
  • Little information
  • Not welcoming

The one I chose

The one I chose was Design number 2. I like how I put the information in the middle while the tabs and galley were on the sides. There's barely any spaces, so it fills up the entire page!! Also you feel welcome and there some information about the school and myself. I like how it shows all the information you need to know about me and my school.

Overall the design provide a title, about me section, photo of me, classes and school information.

Design Specification

The product I create must:

  1. Be Free
  2. Electronic and accessible from any device that can be connected to the internet (tablet, smart phone, desktop computer and laptop)
  3. Be able to store work produced in all classes, i.e. a wide variety of files (images, text, video and sound)
  4. Contain sections for all MYP subjects, MIA and C&S
  5. Have a home page that explains both who the student is and an introduction and explanation of the e-portfolio, furthermore, there must be a photo of the student
  6. Have a good URL &/or Title
  7. Be professional and academic... not cute, funny, silly, etc.
  8. Have a photo of myself
  9. Provide useful information
  10. Describe about each subjects.