Project N.A.P

(Non Abuse and help against Poverty)

How it all started

We are four girls who live and go to school in NC. We started this as a class project when we read a letter to Mr.Nelson, a senator. This letter was written by a ten year old boy from Wisconsin named Tom Kubald. Tom was telling Mr.Nelson that he thought his funds should go to stopping pollution instead of stopping war, because it was something that was closer to home.That inspired us greatly. That's how we got our inspiration.

Our goals

We mainly want to stop child & animal abuse, stop bullying, & help kids get an education who normally would not be able to. We do fundraisers and give the money to the local animal hospitals that help abused animals, and to places that help abused children and their families. Our goal is to help the animals, help the children , and to help save the world. Those are our goals.

Our Fundraisers

We will be selling custom bookmarks for $1.00 Also,we also sell puppets: small for $0.50, medium for $1.00, and large for $1.50. The signs are the same sizes and prices.

ASPCA Kentucky Puppy Mill Transport, Spring 2012


We decided to donate to Pat's Place, an organization that helps prevent child abuse.
Scared Homeless Dog Has the Rescue of a Lifetime. Her Transformation Will Melt Your Heart.

Pat's place

Donate to pat's place here to help prevent child abuse!
Donate to pat's place here!

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We want to say thank you to all of our donors for helping prevent child abuse! Thank you! :)