How to defend yourself

By: Fatima Rodriguez


The difference between walking away and becoming tomorrow's newspaper headline is how well you are prepared to protect yourself in a bad situation. You can prepare some simple techniques to defend yourself before and during an attack, whether it be a fight or an ambush, ensuring your safety.

Step 1: Be Confident

You may not be the most confident person, but you can still pretend to be. If this person begins to push you, simply shove them away. Control your voice. Try to make it sound deep and powerful, not wobbly and scrawny.

Step 2: Recognize the point of no return

If this person is just shouting things at you, it's not the time to attack them. Wait for them to give you a reason, this will get the bystanders (and law) on your side! If they push you, simply ignore them, or push them back if you think they'll keep going.

Step 3: Take the right stance

Make sure you are at a good distance in relation to the attacker. Don't stand too close nor too far away from them. Spread your legs so they're a little wider than your shoulders, with your main foot being the most forward one. Turn your body sideways to the attacker, this will make you a smaller target, and make it harder for them to hit you. Bring your arms up to your face, to protect your head and neck as much as possible.

How to fight: One key element to winning a fight quickly

Act like you're not going to hit them, and then suddenly make your move. A quick hit to the throat is effective, and if you manage to do this, the fight is over! if you get the feeling they are not done yet, use your fist to hit their stomach. At this point, the attacker should be doubled over the pain, and most likely not in a good fighting condition. This is where you make your choice, walk away or keep going at them? If they show any sign that they want to keep fighting, improvise. Hit them a couple of times. From here on, it doesn't take a lot to bring them down.

Step 5: Know when to stop

If they huddled up in a ball on the ground, leave them. If however, they are still trying to push you around, then do everything you can to stop them. Know when to stop, don't overdo this; you don't want to take their life.