Interpret Graphs and Equations

Math Models

What are some ways a function can be represented?

Function are commonly represented and interpreted by tables,equations and graphs. Meaning a function can be represented more than just one way.

Interpreting and Expressing a Table

-How the x-values are changing

-How the y-values are changing

-The starting value

-The rate of change

These are what you need to identify when interpreting table values

As the value of x changes so does the y.

-Example: As the value of x increases, the value of y increases.

- The graph is a linear function with a y-intercept of -3 and a slope of 2/2.

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Interpreting an Equation

Equations are easily interpreted by looking at the table of values.

Example: This function shows a relationship between x and y.


Interpreting Graphs

Graphs can be represented by different types of functions:

Interpreting Linear and "Something Else" Graphs

Linear Graphs

-Linear Function Graphs always have a y-intercept and a slope (Rate of Change)

Something Else Graphs

-Make sure you pay attention to the labels

-Find the rate of change of each section