Air pollution

What air pollution is

Air pollution is caused by people's actions and natural actions. Air pollution is very bad for our environment and for the people living in it. Because breathing in air pollution or smog can hurt your lungs and cause lung cancer, lung disease, and heart attacks. Also many more things that are very harmful for us.

The effects of air pollutionn

  • Cardiopulmonary Disease=not many people know this deadly disease, this may affect the lungs and the heart. It could cause inflammation of the air passage, and lead to other serious complications.
  • Pneumonia=This is a very common disease caused by air pollution, this seems to be on the rise, especially in the places that have extremely high levels of pollution. It is caused due to the inflammation of the lung tissue. Left untreated, it can be quite deadly.
  • Premature Mortality=The air that we breathe is very important in our life, and the most important thing is our existence too. All the things that happen in our body happen because of the constant supply of fresh air the air is also carried around the body thru the blood stream. If the air we breathe is polluted, it can cause both short-term and long-term damage.Which just means that it will ether last a short time or a long time.

part 2 of the effects of air pollution

  • Heart Attack= The heart is in the center of the body. The lungs keep supplying oxygen to the heart, which then helps the heart supply blood to the entire the body. Over time, if we breathe in polluted air, it gets into our blood stream and causes many serious problems. The pollution tends to tends to get into the coronary arteries and mess up the blood flow to it. When this happens it messes up the way you heart works and causes you to have a heart attack.
  • Asthma= One of the most common effects of being exposed to air pollution over long periods of time is difficulty in breathing, and in more serious cases, asthma. It is caused due to the closing of the air way in your throat. Asthma causes major problems in an individual's daily life, and in extreme cases can lead to death or put you near it.

Part 3 of Effects of Air Pollution

Even though the air is contaminated the plants and animals can't tell the difference but we can.Even though we try not to breath it in it always some how gets in. It is hurting plants because air pollution creates acid rain. Acid rain is a rain that kills trees plants leaves on trees and kills the animals that drink the water from the ground. The way it hurts us is it is basically chemicals that we are breathing in. Like smoke, carbon dioxide, and more. Even though we don't realize it later on in the road it will hurt us a lot. These are some things that happen and are the most common. Lung cancer, lung disease, and heart attacks.

What it is doing to the environment

What it is doing to the environment is it is killing a lot of plants and animals. Some animals are starting to go extinct which means that they are all starting to die. For example dodo birds our extinct that means that there isn’t a single one left on earth.

Connecticut connection

The state of Connecticut has made laws that make manufactures burn less fossil fuel which will cause less air pollution in the air and they are doing the same thing to the car manufactures and to the cars.

How it relates to other problems

The way this problem relates to other problems is it makes one problem that attracts other problems I said earlier and little things can lead to bigger things like for example the fifty states we live in they are all there own states but when you put them together they make up the united states.