Catching Z's

Babies need sleep, and get sleep, much more than we do

Emma D. Class 7

Establishing Good Sleep Habits

When it comes to getting your baby to sleep, and staying asleep, it is crucial to impose sleep habits earlier on and stick to them. While you are trying to establish habits, it is important to have a schedule or routine in which you and the family follow in order to keep the baby rested. Also, if your child sleeps through the night, which is great, it is pivotal to wake your baby up early in the morning to set her daily clock.

Keeping Baby Cozy

In order to keep your baby asleep, they must feel warm,secure, and safe. Swaddling is another important part of making sure your baby gets the sleep they need. One of the parts of swaddling that is very easy to avoid is if you swaddle your baby and put it down to sleep in their crib on their stomach, it substantially increases the risk of SIDS. SIDS stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is the unanticipated death of a seemingly healthy baby that usually occurs during sleep.

How Much Sleep Does Your Baby Really Need?

There are many parents who worry too much, or maybe too little about how much sleep their baby is getting. No baby is the same, but there is a common timeline to what your baby's sleep schedule should be like at every stage of their development.

Cribs: Only The Best For Your Baby

Babies spend a lot of time going in and out of their crib, so why not make it as safe as it can be? Professionals suggest keeping the crib away from window or blinds because babies can choke themselves on the strings from the blinds and older babies can pull themselves up and out the window. While it's good to have a baby monitor, it is advised to get a cordless monitor because a cord on a baby monitor has the same safety issues as strings on blinds.