BY:Grant Mahon


Jackie Robinson was the first colored man to play major league baseball.

He played with the brooklyn dodgers and ended up winning six world series.

Jackie robinson started his career in 1919.

And he ended his career in 1972.

Jackie robinson's real birth name is Jackie roosevelt robinson.

Jackie robinson batted right hand and threw right hand.

Before jackie died he threw the first pitch at the 1972 world series.

Jackie's brother finished secound in the 100 meter dash at the berlin olympics.

Today all the numbers 42 are retired in the MLB.

Jackie robinson was 28 when he broke into the major leagues.

BO Jackson

BO Jackson was born in 1962.

He played in the NFL and in the MLB.

He was named all-star in two american sports.

BO Jackson ended his carrer in 1994 because of a hip injury.

Bo Jackson was the eighth out of ten kids.

Bo hit 20 home runs in 15 games in high school.

In college he batted 401 with 17 home runs and 43 RBI's in 1985.

Bo jackson was selected to the Kansas city royals in the 4th young of the 1986 amateur draft.

Final game was 1994 august, 10.

He went to Auburn university for college.

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Babe ruth was born in baltimore and died in new york.

Babe ruth was 6,2 and weighed 300 pounds in his professional carrier.

His famous nickname was " the babe".

Babe ruth broke more than 60 records in his carrier.

Babe batted caught and pitched left handed.

He ended his carrier in 1935 with the boston braves.

He died when he was only 53 years old.

Ruth first signed with the red sox in 1914.

Babe played his last game when he was 43 years old.

He played pitcher and outfeild.

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