Izanai Yosakoi Dance Classes 2014

Let's Have Fun Dancing!

The annual, seasonal Izanai Yosakoi dance class will be back!

We will hold our practices every Saturday for 8 weeks.

The first practice will be held on Saturday, January 11th, 2014.

The last day of practice will be Saturday, March 1st.

Time: 4:30 to 6:00 pm
Location: Upcountry Fitness Gym (810 Kokomo Rd. Haiku HI 96780)

Fee: Donation base (barter is also welcomed)

Instructor: Akari Ueoka

  • Bring your shoes (optional), water (a glass bottle is not allowed) and a towel.

  • Children are welcome to join the class as well. (If they come, they need to attend the class. They cannot be running around unsupervised.)

  • We will be performing at the 20th Honolulu Festival the following weekend of the last class. (You won't have to perform. It's optional.)

  • We will begin with stretch and warm-up, and then we will go over the choreography. It is simple and easy (I promise), so please feel free to drop in just for fun, to exercise, and/or to see your friends even if you are not going to perform with us in March.

  • When you come for the first time practice, please come 5 minutes early to sign the waiver form. I will be coming from another dance class, so I might be running a little late, but I will be there by 4:30 pm for sure.

I look forward to seeing you!

Any questions? Feel free to email me at akariueoka*gmail.com. (Please insert @ where the * is. I do this to avoid spam mails.)

What is Yosakoi?

Yosakoi is an annual dance festival originated in my hometown, Kochi, Japan after the World War II. The festival was created to reunite people, celebrate life, and to pray for world peace.

Izanai Yosakoi was created by the last Suga Kunitomo, our beloved dance teacher and choreographer. Izanai means to invite. It is a dance which invites dancers as well as audience to share joy of life as one.

The Newly Choreographed Piece was Titled "Yosakoi"

The video below is the newly created piece called "Yosakoi," choreographed by Yuichiro Kunitomo (Suga's first son). The video is the harder version, and we will be learning a simpler version of this dance with the exact same music. It will be much, much simpler than this, so please do not be scared by this video :)

2013 The祭 須賀IZANAI連 よさこい

Akari Dancing Musuhi

The below is a dance piece is called "Musuhi" choreographed by the late Suga Kunitomo. Akari was performing it at the Maui Matsuri 2013.

Maui Matsuri 2013 Musuhi