Stargirl by: Jerry Spinelli

Being different is ok, and don't try to change someone.

CHARACTERS, Stargirl: She is very different. She likes it that way. She is always doing things for others. She never expects anything in return. She likes Leo.Leo: He is quiet. He likes to fit in. He is the producer of "The Hot Seat" a show where they interview people in their class. He likes Stargirl.Archie: He is a scientist. He is the leader of the "loyal order of the stone bone". He has an extinct rat skull as a pet.

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"Mr.McSha-ane, Ive got my finger in his ear". Stargirl proclaimed.

figurative language


pg72-A Glendale player had just dunked the ball. pg73-I felt he was grilling me. pg73-She detoured in my direction. pg75-Our boy got annihilated. pg77-Cars were revving.


One day there was a new girl at Mica High. Her name was Stargirl Caraway. She was very different. Leo Borlock thought she was cool. He also loved her. He and his friend Kevin wanted to put her on the "Hot Seat". She became a cheerleader. She got a tomato in her face. Afterward, she was shunned. Nobody even looked at her. Then, she entered the Oratorical Contest. She won, but only three people showed up. Stargirl and her friend made the Ukee Dooks. Nobody liked that either. She eventually moved away. Leo got very disappointed.


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