by Laurie Halse Anderson


Melinda Sordino was drunk and raped at a party by Andy Evans in the summer before her freshman year. Melinda called the cops to try and help herself, but she only found herself feeling worse. As a result of that night, Melinda rarely ever speaks again. Melinda cannot seem to get a break from her high school peers when she starts her freshman year at Merryweather High because of the night of the party. Melinda’s teacher, Mr. Freeman, helps Melinda to grow and to distract herself from Andy Evans, or “IT”, who taunts Melinda year round until she finally reaches a breaking point. At that point, Melinda finally help by speaking up.

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Melinda Sordino

Melinda is a 14 year old girl who originally in Speak was very shy, quiet, comedic, and depressed. She was very anxious around Any Evans who had raped her and tried her hardest to get away from him and to help others do the same. With the help of art and a few friends, Melinda grows to be more confident and verbal in herself so that she can speak up for herself and to get help.
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The conflict of Speak character vs. character. Andy Evans was against Melinda throughout all of Speak. He raped her and taunted her. When Melinda finally spoke up for herself to Rachel, Andy goes after her angrily because she told Rachel what he had done. In the end, Andy's outburst only allowed Melinda to finally speak up for herself.


The basic message that anyone can take away from reading Speak is that you shouldn't be afraid to speak up for yourself. If something is out of your hands and you can't control it, it isn't your fault. Speaking up takes a lot of courage and time to get the nerve up to do, but once you do, it is completely worth it.
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The Empowering Words of Speak

Speak has many inspiring and empowering moments wrapped into the story, one of my favorite moments is at the end of the book when Mr. Freeman is with Melinda in art class and asks, "You've been through a lot, haven't you?" Melinda response, and my favorite quote of the entire book, is: "Let me tell you about it." This goes to show how much Melinda has grown as a person since she spoke up. She is more positive and lively, and finally knows that it is not her fault she was raped. With this quote, it shows how simple it is now for Melinda to speak up.
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Book Rate

If I had to rate Speak from 1 to 5, I would have to give it a 5. Speak deserves this rating based on the lovely way Laurie Halse Anderson portrayed and developed Melinda accurately as a young girl who was struggling with speaking up. Also, because of how inspiring it was when Melinda did speak up. Overall, Speak was an extraordinary book with the way you couldn't put the book down while reading and how it inspired me to speak up for myself when I feel like I need to.
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