Southwest Valley Track

Created by Lauren Boysen

Reasons why you should join the Southwest Valley track team!

Our team is the best team! We our a committed team, we work hard for the win and have lots of courage! Year 2015 we won 5 track meets out of 7, currently this year we are 3 wins one lose out of 7 meets! We have won the Pride Of Iowa track meet two years in a row! Join our team today and you could help us get better and faster wins!

Reason number two!

Track has a lot of fun events. There are many different running events and field events. Running events involve sprints, distance, relays, hurdles, and many more! For field events your can do long jump, high jump, shot-put, and discus.

Some of our girls going for the win!

You are guaranteed to have a great time!

More Reasons To Join Our Team

Track is a good sport because it keeps you in shape. Your always meeting new people at the meets. You can run your hardest, jump your longest/highest, throw your furthest, and beat your personal record. It isn't always about the win, thats the good thing about our team, if we win great if we lose thats great too because then the next meet we have we will try even harder!

Contact Information

Here is any information you may need to contact our coaches!