The 2nd Greatest Christmas Story

Charles Dickens' Last Hope

A Christmas Miracle

Dickens' book, A Christmas Carol, is more than a classic. It is a lifesaver. He had to support a huge family and his last book was not selling as well as expected, so he had to make money fast to make it through the holiday season...

The Need

Without this book, A Christmas Carol, Dickens' and his family would have been broke. Dickens' family had always been poor, so life was tough and the family depended on his books and sales. After Dickens' last book, bookstores had lost some faith in him. His talent was being tested by this book. This was the difference between surviving another year or not.

An Earlier Memory

Did you know that the book, A Christmas Carol, was based on his father? It is! His father got out of jail because he got loans to get out of debtor's prison. He escaped a dreary fate. It is also a little crazy to think that his father and him are both having the same trouble.

Why Is it the Second Greatest Christmas Story and not the First?

Well, the greatest story was the coming of Jesus Christ that is the best story. We wouldn't even have a holiday without this story. You would take the Christ out of CHRISTmas.

How did it do?

Dickens' wanted quality production and a low price so it wasn't an immediate success that he had hoped for. The book sold very well though, people even wanted sequels. This gave a new direction to Dickens' life. It sold 6000 copies by Christmas Eve. He managed to scrape by the Christmas holiday with some hope and joy.