The Friday File

May 1, 2015

Nashua Mission

Students will be provided an appropriate learning environment, which supports them academically, physically, esthetically, socially, and emotionally. This environment will give each child the opportunity to develop to the fullest potential and promote life long learning. The achievement of high educational standards at Nashua Elementary School will involve the entire school community.

Upcoming Events


May 4-6

Staff Appreciation Week

May 5

K Field Trip to DeAnna Rose Farm

May 6

Nurse's Day

7:45 am BLT in Learning Lab

May 7

5th to School Day at K

May 8

5th to Nelson Atkins Museum

May 12

8:00 am KLC meeting in Library

May 13

11:00-1:00 pm Volunteer Luncheon

PLT in Learning Lab

May 14

9:00 5th grade Choices Recognition and Awards in the gym

May 15

PLTs in Learning Lab

11:00 and 11:30 Major Savor Limo Ride

11:30-3:30 TM out at Reading Meeting

Staff Night on the Playground until midnight

May 18

Field Day

Grade Cards due

May 19

9:00 am K-1 Awards Ceremony in gym

6:00 pm PTA meeting in Library

May 20

7:45 am Staff Meeting in Learning Lab (Dr. White will join us at 8:00)

Career Day

May 21

9:00 am 2-4 Awards Ceremony in gym

3:45 pm XLT meeting in the Learning Lab

May 22

Last Day

Noon Release

4th Quarter Grade Cards go home

Computer Lab Closed

The computer lab will be closed next week from 9-10, 1-2, and 2:30-3:30

2015-16 Class Sorting

During PLT time on May 13th and 15th. Please bring your sorting cards complete with student pictures. We will meet in the Learning Lab

F&P Update

All scores need to be entered into data director by the end of the day on Friday, May 15th. If tests can be completed by May 8th, this will help with class sorting.

Remember to include a summary sheet and all assessments that were given for the spring benchmark in the folder. Please mark on the front of the folder, instructional levels, for all 3 benchmarks. On the inside of the folder, please indicate all books read by the student. All tests that were given previously need to be shredded. Only include spring tests.

The folders will be collected…more details to come!!

Peppermints for your class

We have plenty left over if you would like some for your kids! Grab and go in the conference room!

Staff Night on the Playground

The official word from the district is we have to be out by midnight!!

If you are interested in helping to plan the event, we will meet in the Learning Lab on May 7th at 3:45. Georgiana is coordinating some fun games we can play...