2015 Year in Review

by Adonai Aklilu

Three companies that marketed themselves the best and why ?

1) Nike marketed their brand great by having mist of the bests sports superstars wearing there brand.

2) Adidas marketed there target good by having superstar soccer player Lionel Messi wearing Adidas gear.

3)Gatorade represented there brand great this year by coming up with new ideas and showing commercials how the players would play great right after they drink Gatorade giving them a lot of energy to perform better.

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best and worst prudct in 2015

Best) Portable charger and Beats wirless

Worst) hoverboards and portable charger

what were the top two movies of 2015and what do you remember about how these movies were marketed.

Fifty shades of grey because a famous singer the weeknd had made a soundtrack to go with the movie and the soundtrack had already came out before the movie had came out which helped the movie get more publicity.

Furious Seven had a lot of publicity coming from the death of Paul Walker one of the main stars in the movie. Fans had been wondering if he was still going to be in the movie since he had died before the movie was coming out and still had to make plays that he would've been in.

4. In your opinion, what were the top two musical artists of 2015 and what did they do to market their music well (be detailed and specific)? Provide a picture of each.

The Weeknd for coming out with a soundtrack that would be in the movie fifty shades of grey.

Drake when he was in a sprite commercial drinking sprite then the sprite gave him flavor to finish rapping charged up.

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Name of the Top 10 List: High school basketball players in class of 2015 (Include on the Smore)

1. Ben Simmons

2.Brandon Ingram

3.Skal Labissiere

4.Jaylen Brown

5.Ivan Rabb

6. New Year’s Resolutions: List one goal you have made for yourself for 2016 in each of the categories listed below:

    • Personal improvement: Become a better person

    • Family and friends: Become more united as one

    • School and the outside world : To get better grades and become a better basketball player