1. Homes of the Middle Ages

The middle Ages did not have good homes like we do now.

2. manor

2. A main part of a nobles land.

2. lord

a person who has power and authority. a ruler to whom service and obedience are due. a person from whom a feudal estate is held. (Britannica school intermediate)

2. a peasants home

Many peasant families ate, slept, and spent time together in very small quarters, rarely more than one or two rooms. The houses had thatched roofs and were easily destroyed.

3. types of homes

their were serfs houses where the poor people lived. Castles pretty much where the knights and kings lived. (the rich)

4.the main people involved in the Middle Ages

their were kings/knights, nobles, and serfs.

5.Middle Ages

ost medieval homes were cold, damp, and dark. Sometimes it was warmer and lighter outside the home than within its walls. For security purposes, windows, when they were present, were very small openings with wooden shutters that were closed at night or in bad weather. The small size of the windows allowed those inside to see out, but kept outsiders from looking in.
6.is their still homes like these today?

8. Haley Adkins 1st period