3D-Art Extravaganza

The Library MakerSpace is hosting an Event

Our special day is coming soon!

Our Library is pleased to present a wonderful event for the children in our community! Arts & Crafts activities will include origami creations, miniature sculptures, lego-building, and much more! This is the perfect chance for kids to enjoy some time at the library, and explore their creativity. Please join us for this day of fun.

Please join us here at the Library.... Let's Make Something!

Wednesday, Sep. 30th, 3pm

Your Local Public Library

There are some wonderful activities and learning opportunities going on at the Library. On September 30th we will be hosting a fabulous 3D-Art Event at the Makerspace. This event provides the chance for kids to create some beautiful art and explore their imaginations. We would love to have you join us for this fantastic day.

Create, Learn, & Explore

Kids love to learn and create! Why not do both together? the library is a wonderful place to learn new things. These idea-centers are also the perfect setting for children to explore. At the makerspace you can make cool stuff, get creative, and have a ton of fun! Imagine the infinite possibilities.

About Angela's Fictitious Flyer

Although this particular flyer is fictional, there are many opportunities just like it in reality. Libraries all over the country host events, (just like this one), the whole year round. Check flyers, displays, and advertisements in your area, or browse the webpage of your local library to find cool events near you!
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Origami: Crane [tutorial]

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