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How to get minimum amount of calories

It should be known by all: fresh yogurt (i.e. it is not more than one day) on the body as a laxative effect, but not fresh (if he is three or more days) - attaches. Also this product is used as a diuretic. This drink proves to be very good in combination with a variety of products, contributing to filling the body complete protein and give the minimum amount of calories.

Cinnamon as yogurt is considered a magical tool for the body. The composition includes cinnamon polyphenols, due to which when used this spice in the body there is a decrease in blood sugar.

For one who yearns to lose those extra pounds cinnamon beneficial presence of aldehydes cinnamic acid, which helps to speed up metabolism in the body as there is the claim that the smell of cinnamon suppresses feelings of hunger while adding cinnamon as poroshochka food can avoid extra pounds.

Thus, a detailed description of the preparation of yogurt with ginger and cinnamon for those wishing to throw off excess weight as the name suggests that the cocktail will combine several ingredients.

For cooking, you will need: - 200ml minimum fat yogurt - 1ch.l. Cinnamon powder is 1 2ch.l. Grated ginger root is a pinch of red pepper. All the above ingredients are mixed, if desired, you can beat a blender and drink is ready.

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