Internet Privacy

by: Deleoan Villarreal

advantages and disadvantages of sharing online ?

1. meet new people 2. keep in contact with family/friends

1. people can hack your account 2. people can make false rumors about you.

3 pieces of information that should be kept private

1. address security number

3.your phone number

negative effects of fake online posting

it can cause bad rumors to spread and people will think you are something you are not and then it will spread within minutes, because once you post something on the internet anyone in the world can see it as bad as it sounds its very true in today's world. or even making up rumors about people or places in the world also.

Cyber Bullying

what is it?

its the use of a electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature.

Example: would be people making a fake account of you and posting horrible things of you

how does cyber bullying escalate ?

it escalates by people responding to it and making death threats towards one another is by them reporting it to the school or a family member, sometimes they are ignored and then take things into their own hands.

what can the victim do? how can you de-escalate the problem?

the victim can take a stand to it, report is to someone who will make it right and have it taken care of.

take a stand for the person who is being bullied on the internet

persuasive advertising

similarities between these ads is they both want you to get them and they are guaranteed to work no matter what.

the differences between them is one is wanting you to drink the product instead of using it on your face for the proactive.

Big image
Big image

message the advertiser is trying to do?

they are trying to tell you that its the best product out their right now and no one makes a better one.

they are trying to target that its nothing but the best in the industry at the moment.

Body image and the media

yes i do think its not right to do that in photos because then everyone who wants to be like them. and they think they really look like that when in real life they either weigh or bigger then the person in the image.

Gender stereotypes

the effect is that people on the stereotypes they think differently of one another and think that it his okay for that certain gender to look like that and it gives them hope for what they want to be in the future.

Media usage

twitter, because i wouldn't be able to see the drama or breaking news in the world or local news with friends.

that experience would be hard because im so used to having it and it being taken away would go to show how much technology has changed society.

in some ways depending on who you are and what you have to lose on the social media and then theirs some people who dont care about their image on social media.