Annexation? Yes or No

BY:Brenna Hand

I Say Yes To Annex

I say yes because Texas would get their debt paid off. Everyone would be protected by the U.S. And they would also have a postal service and a money system, so lets annex!

Reasons to Say Yes

The people in Texas would be protected by the US and could fight with them and not against them. People in Texas would not have any money to owe to the United States. People would get to talk to family members out of state with a mailing service. Also people could buy things with a money system.
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Texas was the 28th out of 50 states to join the United States.

What would it be like if we.....

What would it be like if Texas did not what to annex?

Texas would be a country of its own. We would not have as much protection as other countries. we would have substantial debt. If we did not Annex, Texas would have more problems back then than today. Annexation was the best thing for Texas.