Power Plant For Colo Iowa

What is a power plant? Does our community need it?

Power Plants

A power plant is a machine takes energy from fuel. They burn fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas. The energy is produced by splitting atoms of big materials.

Example: The heat made while splitting the atoms makes water turn into steam.


Does our town need this power plant and why?

Pro's of having a power plant

There are many great additives that come with a power plant. All energy we use in our everyday lives are from power plants. Our T.V., toaster, computer, boiler, and furnaces. This energy is brought by cables underground. The power of energy can be made very powerful or not when it is in a certain location.


Con's of having a power plant

Electricity is very dangerous. If kids get their hands into it, many bad things can happen. While the electricity is going out of the plant, it is 100x more powerful than the electricity found in your home. Touching a power plant is pretty much a guarantee for death. Don't be crazy, don't touch the plant! Along with this power plants cause a lot of pollution. All the fuels being brought into the air along with the car's pollution just doesn't help our communities environment. All of this pollution doesn't only worsen our air, but also produces acid rain and global climate change.




Power plants are not needed in our community. There a ton of kids in the town that could possibly think it is a 'playground.' Even though power plants can provide much, it can also take much more away. Adding a power plant to our town would also add more pollution. Over all our environment does not need these dangers added to our town.