Gen. Joe Dunford

Commander, US Forces in Afganistan

Cold Hard Facts

General Joe Dunford had served 37 years in the Marine corps before becoming the highest ranking General in the Marines. His first act as General was to ban the famous "Oh-Rah" from the marines and if any soldier is caught saying it will be disiplined accordingly. “My focus in the coming years will be to take care of our Marines and their families, and to ensure our Corps remains an expeditionary force of readiness our nation has come to expect,” he said. Dunford, an infantry officer, is seen as one of the Marine Corps’ brightest leaders, and as an even hand who won’t ruffle easily as his service adjusts to life after two long wars. He earned his nickname, “Fighting Joe,” while leading Marines in Iraq during the U.S. invasion there in 2003. He has all the attibutes of a great leader, strength, courage, honesty, loyalty, and fortitude. Dunfords leadership had him appointed as the general of the marines from his loyalty, courage, and commitment in his service.

5 Facts you probaly didnt know

Family Tradition

He has served over 35 years in the corps and comes from a family devoted to service. His father is a retired boston police officer and served in marines. His grandfather served in World War I. His mothers four brothers served in World War II.

Go Sawx

The Boston native graduated from Boston College High School and went to college at St. Michael’s College. He’s a diehard fan of the Red Sox. Two Red Sox caps adorn his wall shelves in his office.

What’s in a Name?

He earned the nickname “Fightin’ Joe” while deployed to Iraq serving under Gen. James Mattis where he led Regimental Combat Team 5 during the initial invasion of Iraq.

True Gentleman

As the leader of NATO’s coalition in Afghanistan he personalizes letters of condolence for every U.S. service member killed in Afghanistan. He attempts to do the same for fatalities from the other 48 nations that make up International Security Assistance Force.

World Leader

He’s been ranked one of the world’s 50 greatest leaders by Fortune Magazine. He said his first battalion commander told him the three rules to success … though he can only remember the first one — Surround yourself with good people.