Boston Bombers and Culture


Beliefs and Religion

Islam is the predominant religion in Chechnya. Chechens are overwhelmingly adherents to the Shafi'i Madhhab other Sunni Islam, the country having converted to Islam between the 16th and the 19th centuries.


Where they live the religion is different so they have a different view on things then the rest of russia. That is what causes all the issues between russia and Chechnya. So that is what caused them to lash out in North America. There location helps them to have a great economic situation.

Why they do the things they do

They come from Chechnya, They are apart of Russia. But they don't want to be apart of Russia. They tried to leave but Russia stopped them from leaving. So they have learned that they can't do anything calmly so that is why they have so many terrorist that come from there. They came to The United States because they thought if they got there attention that they would help them or Russia would let them leave. So that is why they came and bombed us. Most of the bombers seem to come from families that have a important role in that Chechnya government or any other way. Most of the suicide bombers are woman, they are called black widows. There is this one woman in a article that is friends with the bombers and is a black widow. Black widows use social media all the time. They post pictures of them getting ready to bomb people and they know that the pictures will be used but they want people to know that they died a nobel dealth according to the Chechen people.


The absolute location of Chechnya is 43.4000° N, 45.7167° E. It is by Georgia in Russia. It isn't an actual country. It wants to be independent. It has many rivers going through it. They have som hills and one or two mountain ranges. The Caucasus Mountains are the major mountain range. They are a hilly place. They have a population of population of 1,268,989 people.

The Chechen people have kept there native language through out the years. It is a written and spoken language. Religion played a great role in the development in become independent from Russia. They are Islamic. There flag is red, white, and green horizontal strips. Their location is perfect for exporting there oil. That plays a big part in there economy. Because of the wars Chechnya is very poor and they are not able to regain power. They can't regain power because they don't have full control over the land so they aren't allowed to export any of it.