Wangenheim Middle School

Vol XIV: April 21, 2021

Earth Day

Tomorrow is Earth Day and it is SPIRIT DAY!

Go Green for a More Colorful Future! Please wear green or rainbows. There will be cool prizes from the ASB.
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What can you do?

Take action and make a difference today, and start making your plans for Earth Day 2021. To kick off our 2021 theme of Restore Our Earth, we will start by supporting our local communities, focusing on areas that are disproportionately affected by environmental issues. Those living on the front lines of these environmental crises don’t always have the resources to deal with the damage.

Air Pollution is Causing Problems

by On Wong

From : Hage Elementary and Wangenheim Middle School

Cars are causing problems with the planet. I mean, Electric cars are fine, but still, cars cause air pollution and air pollution cause problems such as clean air, asthma, growth, pollution, and even Climate Change! Climate change can be caused by smoke, gas, and even heat, and that could lead to a drought to water. That is why I, On Wong, is making this campaign. Don’t Make us Cough, Turn your Engine off. When students go back to school, and they get out of school, parents have to turn their car engines off while they’re waiting. That could solve the problem a bit, but at least it is helping the planet because every 10 minutes a car idols a pound of carbon goes into the air and causes pollution. And if we don’t do something by 2050, then the whole planet could be polluted. Or if you want to help even more, try using electric cars, electric cars use green energy which is great for the environment, you can also use water bottles instead of plastic bottles to help even more.

If you agree, please fill out the form below. We would like to know what plan you have to help SAVE OUR PLANET.

April's ASB Contest

Create something new out of something old (Google it. There are lots of cool ideas). Entries are due May 1. Have fun!

wangenheim clubs

Fitness Club

Wangenheim students interested in extra PE time should sign up for the Wildcat Fitness Club! We will spend part of the time working on cardio and/or strength training and part of the time focusing on a game or physical activity!

Club meets: 1:00-2:00 on Tuesdays

Please contact Coach Menden, advisor, for more information.

History Myth Busters Club

Meets to research a myth about history (inspired by book "Lies My Teachers Told Me")

Grass in front of 804

Bring lunch or snack

Club president: Autumn Hunter

Safe, social distanced and outside!

Club meets: 12:30-1:00 every other Thursday (4/22, 5/6, 5/20)

Please contact Ms. Slezak, advisor, for more infomation.

Math Counts

MathCounts is a national math program for middle school students giving them the opportunity to engage in fun math games in a non-competitive and social environment in order to help build confidence in their math skills. We also are meeting with other schools: Marston MS & Knox MS.

Club meets: 1:30 - 2:30 pm every other Monday virtually on Zoom (4/26, 5/10, 5/24)

Google Classroom code: x6y4wi6

Please contact Ms. Esmende, advisor, for more information.


NO place for HATE is a self-directed program helping all stakeholders take the lead on improving and maintaining a positive school climate so all students can thrive. Students, parents, and staff are invited. Everyone is welcome.

Google Classroom code: xgzcrei

Please contact Ms. Coppola, advisor, to see how you can get involved.

ICAT (Python)

ICAT (Python) is a coding club.

Club meets: 1:00-2:00 pm Fridays virtually on Zoom

Google classroom code: jnzptv6

Please contact Ms. Blain (Software developer for 9 years & minored in computer science) and Ms. Vu (Marston MS), advisors, for more information.

Ukulele Club

Club meets: 1:30 - 2:30 pm every other Monday virtually on Zoom (5/03, 5/17)

Google classroom code: 7ibgmrl

Please contact Ms. Blain, advisor, for more information.


We are now in the 4th Quarter of instruction. If you have any library and/or textbooks from last year or this year that you no longer need, please return them. There are carts conveniently located outside the Media Center or you can drop them off in the Main Office, M-Th 7:30-1:30, Fr 7:30-1:00. Please contact Mrs. Minezaki if you have questions or concerns. Thank you.


As we finish up our first week of HYBRID instruction, here are some takeaways from the Wangenheim staff.

Please charge your computer every night and bring your computer and charger every day.

Kids are tired – Just as you may be finding that you are more tired than usual at the end of our in-person days, our students are too. Many are wiped out and struggling to complete the independent work they need to do. Please continue to be compassionate and flexible. Hopefully we will all regain our endurance with another week or two, but in the meantime please understand.

Dress code – We will not be punishing dress code. If it is a safety issue or interferes with a student’s own ability to learn then we will work with the student and family to make a change. This would include closed toe shoes/no slippers, and clothing promoting violence, alcohol, drugs, etc.

Student snacks and drinks – Students know that they can step out of class for a quick drink from their water bottles, AND they can eat a snack during passing period. They need to re-mask as soon as they are finished and they cannot share food or drinks and definitely need to keep social distancing while eating or drinking.

Thanks again everyone for a very smooth first week back!

Matt Fallon, Ed.D.

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The 2020-21 yearbook is complete! This year’s book will be one that you will look back on for the rest of your life. We have been collecting photos from students throughout the year. We are documenting distance learning, Covid, current events, and so many fun topics. If you haven't ordered a yearbook yet, the link is

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Groceries are either Shelf-Stable Items, or Produce or USDA Mixed Items. Extra food items are limited, and families are recommended to arrive in the early part of the designated distribution time.

Tuesday, April 20........Wangenheim Middle

Friday, April 23............Mira Mesa High


SORA access to San Diego County Library and now Excel from the San Diego Public Library

SORA which you can access through your Clever portal offers an opportunity to check out eBooks and AudioBooks from a collection curated for our District along with offerings from the San Diego County Library without a library card.

The San Diego City Public Library is now offering access eBbooks and AudioBooks, visit: Students and their families are welcome to check out digital materials, including books and magazines. If students do not have a physical library card, they may access the digital collection by using their student Excel card. The student school ID number will serve as the library account number, i.e. 590876. The password is the numeric form of the birth month and birth date, i.e. May 1 would be 0501. To check out the materials, they need to download the appropriate app, i.e CloudLibrary, then create an account.

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Library next: April Programs


Library NExT (Network of Education x Training) is a STEAM (Science-Tech-Engineering-Art-Math) collaboration between the San Diego Public Library, UC San Diego Extension, & Sally Ride Science. Every program is designed to teach students STEAM concepts with interactive activities. All programs are virtual via ZOOM. Your will receive the link and instructions after you have registered.

To register or view more programs, visit:

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Mira Mesa HS students are offering free virtual tutoring. A group of Mira Mesa HS students along with Sabrina Bazzo (our new Board rep) created a free tutoring program for students. Our students will be paired with a high school student for one on one personalized support. The point of contact is high school student Sindhu Perubotla. She and Mallory Asis, another high school student, co-lead the program.

Please contact Sindhu directly with questions or wanting to get help.

Corn is back

We just received our CSA box. Corn is back!