Sexism in the Classroom

Boys vs Girls

What is Sexism?

Prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex.
Gender Stereotyping in the Classroom (Multimedia Project 4292)

Strategies to Eliminate Sexism in the Classroom

  • Use popsicle sticks to pick students
  • Make sure bulletin boards are male and female friendly
  • Use examples that both boys and girls are interested in
  • Do not rely on the quickest hand to answer the question, give an appropriate amount of wait time
  • Classroom activities should involve all types of learning- auditory, visual, and kinesthetic
  • Look at our own behavior to make sure we are being fair to all students!

Reducing Bias in Curriculum Materials

  • Make sure your books in the classroom are relatable to both genders
  • Have books that contain a different perspectives, some boys some girls
  • Address the reality of sexism in the world- don't tip toe around it
  • Provide books that don't stereotype characteristics of kids


Identify and analyze traditional gender roles in the workplace. Students will raise a colored card that represents male or female to identify which gender they believe belongs to each job when the teacher reads it. The student will discover and discuss the ideas of persistent gender stereotyping in the workforce.


Gender Equity Activities

Teacher Education Textbooks: The Unfinished Gender Revolution

Children's Books the Break Gender Role Stereotypes