The Ririe Report

September 13, 2021

We've Been Busy

It's only been a few since school started, but the students have been working hard.

Math: We started the year with whole number and decimal place value, expanded form, ordering, comparing, and rounding. Next, we will be working on adding/subtracting decimals and whole numbers and include word problems.

Science: Our starting unit is physical science. So far, students have learned about physical properties, states of matter, and relative density. In the next couple of weeks will continue to explore other physical properties of matter such as solubility, conductivity, and mixtures/solutions.

I love this unit because I get to do some of my favorite labs with the kids - they told me I say that about every lab we've done (I guess I love them all!). We did a lab to investigate the behavior of water molecules in different temperatures. We also did a lab to investigate the different properties of matter. We also predicted and tested the relative density of different fruits and vegetables. Finally, we compared the density of different liquids (oil, motor oil, syrup, molasses). I told the kids that if they went home and replicated any of our experiments and sent me a picture, I would give them extra credit.

Grandparents Day

Thank you to all the grandparents who joined us for lunch (I admire your courage), and a special thanks to the three lovely grandmas who joined us via Zoom. It was so much fun to see you and get to know you thanks to the cute questions the kids had prepared.

This Week...

Math: Multiplication 2 and 3 digit by 2 digits.

Science: Continue learning about physical characteristics of matter. This week we will do labs to investigate mixtures/solutions and condensation/evaporation.


I noticed that my students were (quickly) finishing up their multiplication facts homework in class right before it was due to be turned in on Friday. That kind of defeats purpose of homework, so I've decided to have daily three-minute multiplication practice in class before we begin our day.

I will not be assigning homework right now.