Marco Polo

All of his background, achievements, and more.


Marco was born in Venice, Italy in the year 1254. He was born into a wealthy merchant family, but his mother died when he was at a young age. He was mostly raised my another family member because his father and uncle were successful jewel merchants. He had a pretty good childhood overall.

Marco's Life

Marco went with his family to Asia, next went to China by foot. He stayed in China for 17 years before going back to his home land. In his traveling he ended up mastering 4 languages. He noticed that he had a great memory of what he had been experiencing and then wrote a book called."Il Milione." In the book it talked about all of his great adventures.

He was the eyes and ears of, Kublai Khan. He sent Marco out to all different places then told him to come back and tell him what was going on. At last Marco was coming back home from being gone for over 23 years. Khan told him to bring the Persian Princess with him and have her marry a Persian Prince. It took them two years to get back to Venice. When they got there he was not recognized because of how much he's changed, also could not really speak the language that good. Marco got sent to prison for taking the side of Genoa. When he was in the prison for the two year he told his story to his prison mate Rustichello who was a writer. His book about him traveling was then printed in many different languages, which made a lot more people read it. When he came out of prison he was considered a celebrity because of his book.

Achievements and what Marco discovered

When Christopher Columbus read the book that Marco wrote he was influenced and started traveling. His book that he wrote impacted the Europeans and Chinese because of how detailed the book was and how interesting. Today we play the game Marco Polo because of him when he fell asleep and got separated from his family and started to yell their name. Today he impacts people to make them want to travel the world and see all the amazing things there are to see.