my poems...

by Levi wood


Running on mars

I was running in mars

When I saw a hovering car

It had rockets

And even lasers

Then I was running on water

and all of a sudden there was a beast after me

It was 20 feet tall

it had feet the size of my bed

And hands as big as my car

His name was boo bar

and he drove the hover car

Then he drove off in the car,no more boo bar

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Ode to god

He loves me

I love him

He sent his son to die for me

He created me

I pray to him

He listens

He made the 10 commandments

but they ain't easy but in the end they make our lives better

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My brother is like a deer

His legs are strong

His lungs are like balloons

He runs so fast

He is strong as a buck

He has ears like a doe

His feet are tough like a deer's hoof

His eyes are keen

He is my brother and I have the same traits

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There was a man named Bob

He Had a cat named Zach

Bob has no job

Zach actually wasn't a cat

He was a dog

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Cold, warm

Falling, splashing, and wetting

Wets everything in its path


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blaze on

My hair is course like a river

My eyes are green like the forest

My attitude is like a grizzly bear

My heart is like a honeysuckle

My brain is like a chimpanzee

My poem is true like the bible

I am the shortest tree in the forest

I am nature

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A big hurricane

Its destroying a lot-

Of everything

A horrible sight

A powerful storm of the-

Coast of Africa

Costs lots of money

That's not the issue though

Worst of all they die

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color poem


Color of Michael's headphones

Smells like cream soda

Tastes like blue raspberry ice cream

sounds like blueberries falling off the tree

Looks like people off of avatar

Feels like my blanket

Makes me happy and excited

Is the color of nicks dog mela vita

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rhyme scheme

When you play

Don't play in hay

You may not come back

Because the hay will attack

makes me think of


Spring-hot fudge Sundays

Hot fudge Sundays-hot

Hot-the beach

The beach-water



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D-dog wood

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