The Messenger of the Gods


Hermes was the son of Zeus, god of the sky, and Maia, one of the seven Pleiades nymphs. He is the god of trade, merchants, travelers, roads, and thieves. His symbol is the caduceus, a winged stick with snakes wrapped around it. Being the god of thieves, he is a mischievous god, always stealing and causing trouble. He takes care of the many travelers on Greek roads. He is the messenger of the Greek gods and is the only Olympian god able to go to Heaven, Earth, and the Underworld. Since Hermes is the messenger of the gods, he is always doing duties for the gods. He has made enemies doing these duties such as Argus Panoptes, Hippolytus, and Typhoeus. Hermes is known for helping mortals, he helped the mortal Perseus by allowing him to borrow Hermes' winged sandals to defeat the monster Medusa. Hermes also helped the hero of the Trojan War, Odysseus, by giving him an antidote that would help defeat the sorceress Circe.


One of Hermes' most famous myths was of Hermes stealing cattle from his brother, Apollo. When Hermes was just an infant, we went exploring from his cave. He found the a cave where Apollo's cattle were kept and stole them. Apollo soon found out and was furious. Since Apollo was the god of prophecy, he went to Hermes and accused Hermes of theft. Hermes denied that he stole the cattle, so Apollo took Hermes to Zeus at Mount Olympus. Hermes could not lie to his father so he admitted that he stole his brother's cattle. Zeus thought this was funny so he didn't punish Hermes. He tried to make peace with his brother by giving him a lyre, a musical instrument that Hermes made from a tortoise shell. Apollo kindly accepted it and loved it.

Another of Hermes myths was of him being Zeus' "agent" and helping his father out. One day, Zeus fell in love with a mortal Io, and Hera found out. Hera turned Io into a cow and put Argus Panoptes, one-hundred eyed giant to guard the cow. Zeus sent Hermes to rescue his lover, Io. Hermes arrived and slayed the one-hundred eyed giant

The last myth about Hermes is of him rescuing Ares. There was once two twin giants named Otus and Ephilates who tried to storm heaven by piling three mountains- Olympus, Ossa, and Pelion. While in the process of piling the mountains on eachother, they managed to capture the god of war, Ares, and putting him in a bronze urn. Ares stayed there until the agile, Hermes came and rescued him.


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God of the Greek Myths - Hermes