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The Time I Was Really Bored

The time I was really bored: by Courtney Boner

The time I was bored was yesterday at my house. I was so bored I was going to drive myself crazy. There is really nothing to do at my house, the only thing you can do is go on the computer. For my brother going to your friends but I don’t have friends that live by me. I wish I can go to my friend Lisa’s house, but she dont go to this school, she lives in ceres. The only reason I can’t see her is because we go to school different times like her school gets out in the year after ours and everything else.

Sometimes I don’t get bored when my sister hangs out with me. But other times when I am all alone.Sometimes my brother will play with me like tag. His little friend Riland will come over and play to.this is about the time I was really bored.