Curacao Tonight

By: Noah Snelson

Phillip Enright Survives the Masacure

CT: Phillip, How did you end up with Timothy?
Phillip: Well, first at 3:00 A.M, me and my mother were on a boat leaving Curacao, and scared, we were torpedoed by the Germans and are boat was in trouble. My mother ordered me to put on a life jacket and get to the safe boats as fast as we could. I then ran as the fire caught up to the top of the boat. I jumped to the safe boats and landed, but hitting my head. Then i woke up beside a man, with my head hurting in scorching pain, asked for his name, and he Timothy.

CT: How did you become blind?
Phillip: When Timothy told me to lay down i accidentally looked at the sun and my eye sight started to get dimmer and dimmer, then when it became pitch black, i knew that i was blind.

CT: What did you think of Timothy at the begging?
Phillip: Timothy at the begging was very loyal and caring and he tried to become friends with me but because i didn't know him at all, i wouldn't accept that friendship. So i had to at least give him a chance.

CT: Were you nervous when you became blind?
Phillip: I was terrified when i couldn't see because i knew that Timothy was old and he might need me help for things to do and i need to take care of my self to.

CT: How long were you on the island?
Phillip: 5 months

CT: How old were you when you were on the cay?
Phillip: 12 years old

CT: When Timothy passed away, Did you think you wouldn't make it?
Phillip: I was devastated, but i didn't give up on hope that a plane would've came down and saved me.

CT: When the plane came and saved you, did you take stew cat?
Phillip: Yes

CT: Were you concerned about your eye sight never coming back?
Phillip: I was concerned, but after 1 out of 3 eye surgery's, my eye sight came back.

CT: Last Question: Did you Consider Timothy a Friend?
Phillip: Not a Friend. A Best Friend.

Honoring Timothy


Timothy was a loyal man. He never gave up hope on anybody, even if they hated him. Timothy was from Charlotte Amalie and he was raised by Hanna Gums. He died because he was protecting Phillip from the hurricane. Timothy showed at that moment that he was dedicated to Phillip and he never wanted him hurt.
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World War 2 Update

On August 7, 1942, U.S. troops landed on Guadalcanal and Tulagi and seized control of Japanese-occupied territory for the first time.
Also, Lieutenant General William "Strafer" Gott is killed by a Nazi German air assault in Egypt one day after reporting to his new post as commander of the British Eighth Army.
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Curacao Weather

Today it will be partly cloud with a 50% Chance of thunder storms, with powering Gusts of wind 28 mph. Tomorrow it will be the same partly cloudy.