Don't be a cyber bullying it is not cool

Things you should not put on the internet

You should never put your real name or your phone number out their just to have more contacts no stick to what you have if they don’t accept you as you then you don’t need to have friends but if you find a girl or a boy and have a lot of things that you or they have in common but don’t just accept friends on face book or twitter just because you want more friends.



Cyber Bullying

some tips on cyberbullying

  1. don't put real name or information
  2. don't have people as friends that you don't know
  3. you should not have friends that you don't like
  4. you should tell your parents about the bullying
  5. if you do get cyber bullied then show the messages to your princeable
  6. what if you do get bullied then you should ignore it