By: Alicia, Cassie, Dana, Olivia and Shania


Aggression- any physical or verbal behavior intended to hurt or destroy

Frustration- aggression principle- the principle that frustration- the blocking of an attempt to achieve some goal- creates anger, which can generate aggression

Social script- culturally modeled guide for how to act in various situations

The Biology of Aggression

  • Biology influences our threshold for aggressive behaviors at three levels (genetic, neural and biochemical)
  • Aggressive behaviors emerges from the interaction of biology and experience.
  • Biology and genes influence aggression
  • Neural systems in our brain will give provocation, meaning it will either inhibit or facilitate aggressive behavior
  • High testosterone correlates with irritability, assertiveness, impulsiveness, and low tolerance for frustration

Drugs Effect

  • Another drug that can circulate in the bloodstream is Alcohol
  • It unleashes aggressive responses to frustration
  • Aggression-prone people are more likely to drink
  • People are more likely to become violent when intoxicated