Come to the Minnesota Territory!

No place can compare!


Tired of war and famine in your home country? Looking for adventure and opportunity? Come to the Minnesota Territory! It is the fastest growing place in the U.S. and is on the brink of statehood! Not only is it a beautiful place, there is no ague and fever there and it has a dry and healthy climate. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity before anybody else does!

Jobs and Education

In this country of great fertility, there are many job options! You could become a farmer and take advantage of our abundance of land. You could use our massive forests and become a logger. You could even build some sawmills on one of our many rivers. The choice is yours!

Wondering about education for you or your children? Don't worry! There is a schoolhouse in St. Paul. We have a great teacher there named Harriet Bishop, so your kids can learn to read and write.

Immigrating here

Now that you have read about the Minnesota Territory, you probably want to know how to get here! Steamboats are one of the quickest options and could get you here in as little as two days! Prefer land over water? Stagecoach and oxcart are viable options too.