Jonathan Keller Sarasota

USF Educated

Catering Expert

Jonathan Keller of Sarasota has served hundreds of catering events; and he has developed a seasoned knowledge of what are and aren’t the most popular group dining choices. He is also a skilled mixologist himself who has an eye for other bartending talent. He can lead a team of chefs, wait staff and bartenders to give your guests a memorable experience.


Jonathan Keller of Sarasota is a young professional currently trying to make it in the field of party promotion. His work, however has been involved in many aspects of the industry that give him specialized knowledge that may not be displayed by others. For example, he knows a lot about stage equipment In fact, he now just about as much about stage equipment as any musician because he has experience working as a stagehand at music venues.

This experience he gained while still living back in Florida gave him thorough knowledge of mixing boards, PA system, effects pedals, monitors and more. He also learned much about light shows, which is why he is so multi-talented when it comes to putting together great party settings with appropriate lighting, music and crowd-pleasing entertainment. As someone who is skilled at doing all of these things at the same time, Jonathan Keller of Sarasota is a one-stop shop in getting the stage set up for the band, DJ or other types of performer.

Jonathan Keller of Sarasota gained his technical knowledge of all these systems while working in the Florida music scene, and now brings his multi-angular approach to a business that requires jacks of many trades. His experience with many different styles of music as well as many different aspects of hospitality and entertainment, he can show others a good time through providing them with clear sound, enhancing visuals and an overall excellent live act experience that people will be talking about long after the encore.

Jonathan Keller of Sarasota - Party Packages

Jonathan Keller of Sarasota is a professional party planner and promoter who has brought his talents across the country, where he now works in Los Angeles and is trying to launch his own business in that field. He offers a number of comprehensive parry packages that include certain sets of his services, tailored most to the crowd or occasion. Below, he shares what these packages are.

The Wedding Package

Jonathan Keller’s wedding package is a popular choice for those looking to it the know, but the offered amenities could also be used for bar mitzvah’s and other such occasions. The package includes a one-hour open bar, a buffet-style meal with vegetable, grain, protein and dessert stations, a wedding singer, jam band or karaoke machine, and a number of bride and groom games.

The Rave Package

For those looking to have a wilder night, the rave package is a popular option for club-like scenarios or large house or backyard parties with the kind of privacy that allows one to be loud throughout the evening. The rave package includes, DJ, strobe lights, laser show, disco balls and foam sprayers to get people to lose themselves in the music.

The Classy Package

The classy package is saved for more formal, black tie such events that reflect elegance and the highest quality of standards. In this package, clients are provided with a jazz band and a night of signature cocktails that could only be rated y the one and only Jonathan Keller of Sarasota.

Jonathan Keller of Sarasota - Route 66

Jonathan Keller of Sarasota graduated from college in the spring of 2014, and when he did he already had a plan in mind. He immediately put in two weeks’ notice at his hotel job, packed his car and spent the summer driving across country. While he wasted no time in getting on the road, when he was on the road he took all the time he wanted. He had never explored the United States before, and was blown away by all the states he had passed through on his way to the West Coast.

Of all the roads he took on his way across the country, Jonathan Keller of Sarasota most vividly remembers route 66 the most. At the very end of his route, the home stretch of the journey of a lifetime, he found himself on the historic road that is known across the US. The road passes through Illinois, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona before coming to a stop right before the shores of Santa Monica, California.

At the beginning of the summer, it was hot time of the year to be driving through those dry areas. But for Jonathan Keller of Sarasota, he had never experienced such dry climate before and was loving the ability to drive with his windows down when it was over hundreds degrees out, accompanied by a cool breeze that collected the dust and brushed it on his face without stick because he wasn’t sweating. It was a sensation that he could get used to, which told him he had made the right choice in coming out.

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