Adams Elementary

May 2018

End of the Year Celebrations

Please join us on the following days at 8:15 am in the cafeteria to celebrate your student!

  • Kindergarten May 10
  • 1st Grade May 15
  • 2nd Grade May 18
  • 3rd Grade May 17
  • 4th Grade May 22
  • 5th Grade May 23

Teacher Appreciation Week May 7th - May 11th

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Last Day of School

Wednesday, May 23rd is the last day of school for students. Dismissal is at 3:20

SPARC Center Food Drive

We are having a canned food drive beginning Monday, May 7th to May 11th. All donations go to help families here in Franklin Township. The grade level that brings in the most items will receive a special surprise from Mrs. Purvitus and Ms. Greig.

Thank you volunteers!

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Report Cards will be mailed May 30th.

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Welcome Back and Placement letters mailed week of July 23rd.

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Ice Cream Social for 2018-2019 School Year

Please plan on attending our Ice Cream Social on Monday, July 30th from 6:00-7:30 pm. Kindergarten Orientation is from 5:00-6:00.

You will find several options to attend to this evening:

* The bookstore will be open

* You may pay your textbook fees by check or cash. No credit card payments on this night.

* Girls Scouts/Boy Scouts/STEM Scouts will be available

* YMCA Before and After School will be available

* Transportation Information will be available

* You may visit your child’s classroom, meet the teacher and drop off school supplies

Welcome to Adams

Adams Elementary would like welcome Erica Oliver and Anna Cook to the teaching staff for the 2018-19 school year.

Box Tops

Thank you to all parents, teachers, staff, and students that participated in the collection of Box Tops for Education this school year. We received checks totalling over $1300 just from submitting Box Tops!!! Please keep collecting them over the summer!!! Every Box Top collected is money for our school!! If anyone should have any questions, I can be reached at

Heather Jackson

From the Nurse...

Important Med Pick Up Reminder

If your child has medication in the school clinic, all medications are required to be transported to and from school by the child’s parent or guardian. Please feel free to start picking medications up now when you stop by the school for end of year events (at least the medications your student keeps for an as needed basis). As the school year comes to a close I want to remind you that all medications will need to be picked up by 4:00pm the last day of school (May 25). Any medications left in the clinic will be discarded and will not remain in the clinic. If you have any questions please call me at 860-4289.

Parents of 5th Graders:

Students need additional immunizations when they enter 6th grade. The Indiana State Dept. of Health's additional required shots are Tdap, MCV4, and two doses of Hep A for all 6th grade students. Please contact your student's doctor as soon as possible to schedule an appointment before school begins in July 2018. If your student has had these immunizations, please send a copy of the updated shots to the clinic. Even if your student will not be 11 before the beginning of 6th grade, the required shots are due prior to 6th grade. After your student goes to the appointment, please bring a copy of updated shot record by my clinic so I can add the updated record to your student's medical file which will be forwarded on to the middle school.

MCHD has appointments and walk in clinic hours, and the cost is $20 regardless of number of immunizations needed. The closest MCHD office is located at 7551 E Shelby St (it moved this month), and the phone number is 317-221-5700. If you have questions or need a copy of your student's shot record you may call me in the clinic 317-860-4289 to arrange to pick up a copy or have a copy sent home.

Next Year Health Form Information

As we draw this year to a close, I want to share some forms for students who have health conditions that require yearly plans.

If your student is diagnosed with asthma, each year an asthma action plan should be completed by the student's doctor and turned into the clinic at start of school year. The asthma action plan form can be found at .

If your student is diagnosed with a seizure disorder, each year a seizure action plan for should be completed by the student's doctor and turned into the clinic at start of school year. The seizure action plan form can be found at .

If your student has a life threatening food allergy that has been diagnosed by a medical provider, each year your student will complete a food allergy emergency care plan. The food allergy emergency care plan can be found at .

I am alerting you to the asthma action plan, seizure action plan, and food allergy action plan so you may have those completed by your child's doctor prior to the beginning of school. Kids frequently have yearly checkups in the summer, and most doctor's office will complete these during appointments free of charge, so I would like to save you money and hassle by alerting you to the need now. If you have any questions regarding any form, please phone me in the clinic to discuss (317)860-4289 before school ends or email me at . I am out of the office during our summer break, but I return several days prior to beginning of school.

Next year, the policy for medication will be the same. If your student has a medication that is needed for asthma, food allergy emergency plan, seizure disorder, or any other health need, the parent needs to bring the medication to the clinic and sign a permission to give form. If it is an over the counter medication, it must have the dosage medication specific to your child's age. If it is a prescribed medication, it must be current and have the prescription information on the package.

From the library

The last day for checking out library books will be Thursday, May 3rd. Please make sure that your child returns their library book by Wednesday, May 9th. If they have a lost book, the replacement fees should also be paid by this date. Thank you for your help in getting all books and fees paid! If you have questions regarding a lost book or need assistance with paying, please contact Mrs. Wilburn at

Students will be receiving information the week of May 14th from the Indianapolis Public Library about the Summer Reading Program. We encourage all students to participate in this program to maintain and/or improve the level they are currently reading at. If your child did not receive a public library card this school year, you can obtain one by visiting one of our local branches.

News from Girl Scout troop 974

Our Girl Scout troop would like to thank you for your help in turning in your plastic bottle caps and lids for our recycling project. We collected 400 pounds of plastic lids with your help! We then sorted and weighed them and had them made into a buddy bench in our school color of purple for our playground! We are excited to finally have the project completed and learned a lot along the way!

We started this project last year when we heard about buddy benches being a good way for kids who are feeling lonely on the playground to find a friend to play with. They can sit on the bench and other kids would notice and go ask them if they want to play. We didn’t have money at the time for a bench so we made buddy lanyards to serve a similar purpose, but knew they probably wouldn’t last long and wanted something longer lasting.

Then we heard about a company called Green Tree plastics in Evansville that can turn recycled plastics into a buddy bench and it fit right in with what we were learning about energy conservation and ways we can help the planet. We are proud to be able to turn something that would likely end up in a landfill into something useful and help make the world a better place! We used our profits from selling cookies to pay the fee to turn the plastic into a bench.

Look for the bench to come soon to the playground! We hope you enjoy!

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