Digital Citizenship Project


Rule #1: Digital etiquette

Ask before you post.

You should ask anyone for permission to post because maybe they don't like the picture you are psoting

rule#2 information privacy

People can find were you live can steal your money.

some times people see unnecessary stuff and it can mess up your career if you post things in front your house they can see were you live

RULE#3 Social Networking

be wise

if someone tries to contact you in a way in social media or in message you can still contact someone.

Rule#4 online safey

be safe online dont show your identity

always keep your information like your identity a secret because some people may use your name as a user name like a stranger be extra careful in online

Rule#5 cyberbullying

dont be mean

you should never tell any body your password only your parents some times people take jokes the wrong way so its better then not saying any thing bad or hurtful.

Rule#6 plagiarism

never copy things from other people

they do that to they can see were you are at like for an example lets say i have to write a paragraph from a story i just can copy it from that story.

rule#7 copyright

you cant use things from people out there permission

you should never use someone idea without there permission like for an example if i have to make a drawing and i copy it without the person who made it they have right to tell you to take that off