Compass How To

Northern and Southern Hemisphere

Northern Hemisphere Compass

I'm going to start this flyer in the north. When you are in the Northern Hemisphere the compass will point to the north. As you see in the picture below there is a North Magnetic Pole. This is where the compass will point unless you go below the equator than it will point south.
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Southern Hemisphere Compass

Now to the south! When you are in the Southern Hemisphere your compass will always point south. That means you will have to know your directions. If you look at the compass above you would see the red arrow pointing towards north. Now, that is not what your compass would look like because the red arrow would point to the south.

The Equator

One final thing, the equator. The equator is located at 0 degrees and that is right between both magnetic fields. That means the compass won't point in a certain direction. That is the only area where the compass won't work. That means if you are on the equator for some reason, your compass will not work until one of the magnetic fields take control.

How You Use a Compass

If you lived in Indiana, you would live in the Northern Hemisphere. I will tell you how to use a compass in the simplest way I can.
  • You want to hold the compass flat in your hand. (You should keep the compass away from anything metallic.)
  • The compass is always pulled to by the magnetic field.
  • You will have to turn your whole body and then the compass will point towards the direction and that could be north, south, east, or west.
  • It is easier than it seems.
  • That is the easiest way to use a compass.