Sunshine Committee

September 3rd- September 13th

Friend of the week....Ms. Rachel!!

Ms. Rachel has worked at the Tot Spot for one year now. She has been married to her husband for a year and a half now (ask her about their story because its really cute). Her favorite color is purple. Rachel likes to watch Netflix with her husband and play video games in her free time. If you ever want to get on Ms. Rachel's good side, get her anything pickle related, she loves em'. Rachel has two fur babies; her cats Sir and Luna. If Rachel could travel anywhere in the world, she would go to Austria because thats were her grandma was born. Oh yeah... September 5th is Ms. Rachels BIRTHDAY so be sure to wish her a very happy birthday.

Please be sure to leave a positive note for Ms. Rachel in the Employee Getaway! Tell your co-workers how important they are and how much their work is appreciated!

Coming soon we'll be adding some pzazz and sunshine to the Getaway and Employee Restroom! Free hygiene and snacks coming soon. As always please share any ideas you have and if anyone would like to join the committee please let me or Ms. Kelsey know. Toodles!

In the Know

September 5th- Ms. Rachel's Birthday

September 5th- Ms. Kelsey's Birthday

September 21st- Parking lot paint party at 10 a.m.

Welcome our new teachers; Ms. Marie, Ms. Rosmary, Ms. Helen, Ms. Amanda, and Ms. Sky

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