Roman Gladiators!!!

Heros or Victims


  • Roman Gladiators were often looked at as honorable warriors
  • Gladiators were honored similarly to war heros
  • Gladiators were painted and carved into walls and stones all over Rome
  • If Gladiators put on a good fight they were applauded and praised
  • Romans loved to see exciting fights that were bloody and deadly


  • Gladiators were treated harshly and withourt mercey
  • The majority of gladiators were slaves, prisners of war, and criminals who were forced to fight
  • Gladiators main purpose was to entertain the public and emperor
  • Gladiators fought to the death and rarley won their freedom
  • Even though a gladiator may have won one battle they would usually be forced to fight until they were killed

Roman Collesseum

Most of the gladitorial fights were held here. The Collesseum was used daily and throughout the day. Many differnt types of fights and presentations were held here.

The Life Of A Gladiator

A prisner of war would be forced to travel the whole distance from their land to Rome. Once they got there they would be sold to a wealthy man who would pay for them to go to gladiator training. They were tought how to fight and protect themselves. Then they were sent out to battle. If they won they won glory for their master and trainer. If they lost they feared death and abuse from the public.