Covington Place Newsletter

Week of January 19, 2015


The Covington Place Homeowners Association Board of Directors has set the time and place for the 2015 election to the Board of Directors as follows:

Date: Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Place: Covington Place Poolside Clubhouse

Time: 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

In addition, ballots may be cast at:

Date: Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Place: Ashton Hills Golf Course Clubhouse

Time: 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm

In addition, electronic ballots may be cast until Tuesday, February 17, 2015 at 6:30 pm by responding to a special election email to be sent on Sunday, February 8, 2015.

The 2015 Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday February 17, 2015 at 6:30 pm at the Ashton Hills Golf Course Clubhouse. A “Meet & Greet” with light appetizers will begin at 5:30 pm.


The HOA ELECTION to replace 4 Board of Directors will take place at our Annual HOA Meeting on Tuesday, February 17th. Our Board is made up of 7 Directors who are elected by homeowners and serve 2-year terms. In order to keep continuity on the Board, they rotate off in groups of 3 and 4.

We are now taking nominations to fill the 4 seats. Please submit your name to and a Board member will contact you for more information. No experience is necessary in order to serve on the Board, you just need to have a desire to serve your community and work to maintain the quality of life we have all come to expect and enjoy in Covington Place.

Nominations will close at Midnight on February 1st so make up your mind today and turn your name it to get on the ballot.
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Now that school is back in full force after the holiday break, we'd like to remind you to please be extra careful with your speed while driving through our streets. The speed limit on all Covington Place streets is 25 MPH. Also, please come to a full stop at all stop signs.

We notoriously have students and parents speeding down Crestview Drive and Plantation Trace in the mornings and afternoons when Eastside High starts or lets out. The front entrance is also a spot for motorists not being courteous or safe. When exiting at Plantation Trace and Eagles Drive/MLK Jr Drive, please wait your turn and don't compromise the safety of others.

Maybe we could all take the example of some of our students like Delaney Murphy (daughter of Dan and Stacey Murphy) who advocate 2N2 - 2 eyes on the road and 2 hands on the wheel.

If you witness anyone speeding or driving recklessly at any time, please do not hesitate to call 911 and report it.
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In 2014, the Board of Directors developed a list of Community-wide Standards which were mentioned in our Covenants but previously not in place. From time-to-time it's good to post these standards as a reminder for all CP residents.

Article 1, Section 1.9 of our Declaration defines Community-Wide Standards as "The standard of conduct, maintenance, or other activity generally prevailing throughout the Properties." The BoD developed this list by observing the results of the hard work, pride and behavior “prevailing" in our community. The BoD hoped to start an ongoing conversation about the continuous improvement of our community. This effort will only succeed with the consensus from our members.

Covington Place Community-Wide Standards


· Lawns are mowed and edged regularly to keep an even well-kept appearance.

· Lawns are maintained to prevent weeds and unwanted grasses.

· Lawn bare spots are repaired with sod or seed.

· Bare earth areas are covered with mulch.

· Debris and trimmings are removed from yards, driveways and sidewalks.

· Flowerbeds and natural areas are well-defined, weed-free and have the appearance of well-maintained groundcover.

· Shrubs and ornamental trees are properly trimmed.

· Trees and shrubs are kept clear of the sidewalk.


· Garbage cans are kept out of view.

· Trash and yard debris are neatly set out just before pick up.

· Trailers, boats and recreational vehicles are kept out of view.

· Abandoned or junk vehicles are removed from the property.

· Cars are only parked on driveways or in streets, never on lawns.

· Repairs to the home’s exterior and property are performed properly.

· Faded and failing painted surfaces are replaced with HOA approved colors.

· Household equipment, hoses, mowers, garden tools, firewood, etc. are properly stored out of view.

· Trash, newspapers and litter are placed in the proper receptacle.

· Dirt, wood, and construction materials are removed from the property.

· Garage doors are closed when not in use.

· Changes or additions to the exterior of the property are submitted for approval to the HOA.

· Only approved mailboxes are installed and maintained.


· Cars are parked in the street only when the garage and driveway are inaccessible.

· Cars are parked appropriately on the streets allowing clear access to police, fire and emergency vehicles.

· Speed limits and stop signs within the subdivision are strictly observed.

· Resident vehicles display the Green HOA sticker.

· Pool and tennis court rules are observed.

· Safety concerns in the Common Areas are quickly reported to Subdivision Services.

· Only licensed drivers operate golf carts.

· Leash laws are observed.

· Pet waste is properly discarded.

· Suspicious activity is immediately reported to the Covington Police.


As defined by Article 10.5 of our Covenants, units maybe leased for residential purposes only.

Here are the points specified in the Covenant:

1 - Leases may not be shorter than 6 months.

2 - Leases longer than 12 months require prior Board approval.

3 - All leases must be registered with the Board prior to move in date. Copy of the leasing agreement must be provided to Sentry Management

4 - All leases obligate the tenant to the covenants, rules,regulations and design guidelines

5 - Tenants must receive, from the lessor, a copy of covenants, rules, regulations and design guidelines prior to move in date.

6 - All assessments, fines, fees, and interest are the sole obligation of the owner of record.

7 - Amenity privileges will not be extended to tenants if the owners account is in arrears.

8 - All signs and advertisements must read, “FOR LEASE.” “FOR RENT” signs and advertisements are strictly prohibited.


We continue to have a daily problem with residents who own dogs and do not pick up their pet's poop after taking them for a walk. This is also the case with those that let their dogs roam loose in the neighborhood. We have many residents that try to use our sidewalks for their daily walks but come across dog poop way too often along their path. We also have numerous homeowners who have to regularly pick up the poop left behind in their yards from the dogs of residents who are either too inconsiderate or too lazy to clean up after their pets. We should not be having this problem in an upscale neighborhood like ours. Not only that, it is against the law in the City of Covington!

City Ordinance, 6.06.080 Removal of canine fecal matter requires owners to remove and properly dispose of any fecal matter deposited by such dog on any property, public or private, not owned or legally possessed by that person.



If you have new neighbors next to you or on your street, please ask them to send their email address(es) to so that they can be added to our Newsletter. Also, ask them to join our neighborhood Facebook page - "Covington Place Neighborhood Announcements."

As you meet any new neighbors in Laurel Lake, be sure to include them in this as well.
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If you are a CP homeowner and you also own a local business, we will gladly place an Ad for you in our newsletter.

All you will need to do is provide an Ad that is print ready in JPEG format. No other format will be accepted and no other verbiage will be added.

Send your Ad to before the Sunday you'd like it to be included.


Subdivision Services - 678-284-0244

Grace Management - 770-389-6528

Mailbox Repair/Replacement - Jonathan/Thomas Freeman, 770-356-7290

Clubhouse Rental - Kaye Plitt, 404-606-8062,

Covington Police - 911 or 770-385-2053

Green Vehicle Stickers - Send email to and provide street address and number of vehicles

Social Committee - Susie Keck,, 404-702-5032

Collins Pool Services - 770-389-9999

Pool Wi-Fi Password - 7707882543