VASE project

Justyce Stoner-Mrs. Barrett-3/16/16-3rd Period

Materials Used

  • Acrylic paint
  • paintbrushes
  • texture paint
  • canvas board

How I applied the Materials

i applied the texture paste over the canvas board before I started. I originally had painted a waterfall but that did not look great so after applied the different shades of blue, purple, and green i turned it to the side and painted the mountain, sky, trees, and snow to make a landscape.

Experience creating My Project

I had some struggles while painting and making ideas on what to do to improve it. I definitely stayed up a long time at night struggling to get it completed by the due date. It was pretty cool when I finally figured out what to make of my project.

What I liked and didn't like and Would I change about It


  • Seeing the way it turned out in the end which was a lot better than when i had the waterfall
  • painting


  • My procrastination
  • i should of spent more time working in class instead of talking to my friends.
  • Staying up to finish my project

What I would Change about it

I would change the texture paint on the mountains and sky. I would change the color of the mountains and trees so the colors didn't look so much alike. I would of put a little more trees then I have on there now.

Artist that inspired Me

Frederick Judd Waugh
  • (September 13, 1861 in Bordentown, New Jersey – September 10, 1940) was an American artist, primarily known as a marine artist. During World War 1, he designed ship camouflage for the U.S. Navy, under the direction of Everlett L. Warner.