stay healthy, live longer, stay fit

By Haneen, and Jaypreet

Self esteem

Self esteem is a way of thinking and feeling about yourself .Now heres a question have you ever felt like you don't like your self, people dont like you, or your generally just not good enough? Well that just means you have to improve the thinking of yourself and that you have low self esteem. To improve on your self esteem you can make a list of the stuff your good at, spend time with people you love, or do some really nice things to your parents, friends or even family members. People with low self esteem usally say cant instead of can because they dont belive in theirselves. So turn that can't into a can!

physical activities

Want to feel better, have more energy and perhaps even live longer.well what your looking for is actually physical activities.If you want feel better,have more energy and perhaps even live longer, then their a ton of ways that you can make physical activities part of your daily life. You can play on your bike, play soccer (any sport), take a jog around the block, or perhaps just do something fun that involves physical movements.

You know that physical activities are good for you, but you probably dont know why so here are some benifits from daily physical activities.

-Healthy growth and devolepment

-Prevents diseases and cancer

-Improves chances of longevity

-Makes us stronger

-Boosts energy

-Decreases stress

-Keeps us fit

-Improves mood (you'll be happier)

-Promotes better sleep

-Can be fun !

healthy eating

Healthy eating is a major part in a healthy lifestyle.Heathy eating includes consuming high-quality Proteins, Carbohydrates, heart-healthy Fats, Vitamins, and Minerals. The nutritions you should be avoiding are Sugar, Fat, and Cholesterol. Of course you need a little Sugar, Fat, and Cholesterol in your body but too much can cause serious damages in your body. Consuming too much Sugar can cause cancer, alzehimer, diseases, raises chances of getting Diabetes, and much more. On most foods you will see a nutrition fact label that helps a lot because it helps us understand how much nutritions is found in that food item, and helps us decide what to eat or not. Healthy eating is a fundamental to good health.

Here are some benifits from healthy eating.

-Improves chances of longevity

-Improves mood ( you'll be happier)

-Boosts energy

-Prevents diseases and cancer

-Fewer wrinkles (you'll age better)

-Less stress

-Keeps us fit

-You'll save mony (less medical bills)

Benefits of eating fruits and vegetables - For kids (children)

Which ones the better choice?

You guessed it the apple of course. If you were to pick a better choice the recommendation would be the apple rather then the donut. The recommendation would be the apple because the apple is rich in Fiber and Vitamin C, and are also low in Calories, have only a trace of Sodium, and no fat or Cholesterol. The donut doesn't really have anything other than some sugar and Fat which really just leads to illneses like cancer and diseases. The donut also prevents you from being fit.
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