White Defends Black

The Maycomb Courier December 1934

Atticus Finch, a lawyer known for being a quiet, polite, and good gentleman, suddenly became the most popular and discussed man in town. Unfortunately, not in a good way. He is being accused of defending a negro and, thus, humiliating his family and ruining his reputation. Why would he do that? Why would he ruin his and his family's lives just to try to defend some petty negro? Most of us know that he will lose the case, so why try?

The truth is, it's not Mr Finch's fault. It is thought that it is all the bad influence of his cook Calpurnia. Since she is a black woman herself, she is being a bad influence for Mr Finch and pressuring him to protect all the blacks. The poor man cannot get rid of her as he has no wife and needs someone to cook for him and his children. If he kicks Cal out, him and his children will starve. It is time to take a stand. We should all go and tell her who the real boss is and save poor Mr Finch from this old witch... Continued on page 15.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

A series of unfortunate events struck the town of Maycomb this past week. Firstly, it snowed for the first time in many years. The folks were just starting to recover from the shock, when another event followed, shocking the town.

Yesterday night, the small town of Maycomb was awakened by a humongous fire at Miss Maudie Atkinson's house. Of course, everyone already knows how the fire started. As Miss Maudie told us; she left her fireplace burning to warm up her beloved flowers, something caught a spark, and the house was, soon, engulfed in flames. This might be true, but rumours are going around that someone actually lit her house on fire on purpose. Who would do that and why would they do such a thing to an old, nice, and helpless widow that never did anything bad to anyone... Continued on page 10.

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Where have we come, or, the cat case

What is happening to the town of Maycomb. The town where everyone is nice and good and helps each other out? Even the cats can't have a safe life anymore. Something suspicious and mysterious has been going on in the town. Every second day, the amount of cats in the neighbourhood has been reducing drastically. Who is behind this? Rumours are going around that it's Mr Arthur Radley. He walks around at night and eats the poor creatures. As crazy and gruesome as this sounds, it is most likely true. Some folks confirmed that they saw a shadow wandering at night and they heard the cats' cries for help... Continued on page 20
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