Jean Piaget

Jaeleen Acurero, Saybian Calloway

Jean Piaget

Background information

  • Born August 9, 1896 Neuchâtel, Switzerland.
  • Died September 16. 1980 Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Jean William Fritz Piaget
  • Wrote 92 book but the most popular book is -Six Physiological Studies.
  • married Valentine Châteney 1923, had 3 children. Studied over his children over infancy.
  • Professor of psychology, Sociology,Philosophy of science at the university of Neuchâtel.


Based on a structuralist and cognitiritist approach, an outstanding and exiting development and regaurds to the psychologican community at the time.

Cognitive development stage

  • Sensorimotor- Birth-2, understanding the 5 sense and muscles

Real Life Example

  • Babies use their 5 senses by putting covers and other objects in their mouth.