How to use the Scanner

There is a scanner on all new copiers

Steps for using the scanner

Press Image Send at the top of the tool bar on the copier. (Blue button next to Copy)
Name your scan by pressing Send Setting, (on the left hand side).
Tap on File Name.
Tap on Direct Entry. This will activate the keyboard.
Type your file name. Tap on OK. Tap OK again.
Go to Address Book. Go to the tab with ABCD. Tap on Adult Ed.
Put the information in to be scanned. Press Start.
It will give you a message "Processing Data". Then it will give you a message that the job is stored.
You will go to your computer and go to Go->Connect to Server. Make sure you are on your desktop...your Finder window should be open.
Type in smb://Files if you have not already saved it.
Go to Campus Files->aefiles->AE Scans->the folder with your name.
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Image Send

Connect to the Server. Go to Campus Files aefiles->AEScans to access your scans.