Bitcoin Creator's Identify Revealed

Genevieve Farnham- Cyber Crime Researcch Project

What was the time frame?

Bitcoin was created on October 31, 2008. Since then, several computer geniuses and hackers have tried to take credit for its creation. The real identity of the Bitcoin inventor was only just verified 4 days ago (May 2, 2016.)

Where did it happen?

Bitcoin was first introduced on the online domain site Here, online users could created domain names and begin to exchange bitcoins as online currency.

What was the crime?

Bitcoin's creation wasn't a crime in any respect. The currency was no hack, its was perfectly legal. However, the crime lies in the tax return of Satashi Nakamoto, the hack name/pseudonym for Bitcoin's creator. Satashi is worth 4.8 billion US dollars, but since his identity was just recently discovered, that 4.8 billion isn't included in any tax reports and cannot be legally taxed.

Who investigated it? Who was involved?

No agency or government has ever conducted an investigation. If Satashi wanted to be found, he would make himself known. Several hackers and computer geniuses searched through firewalls and online patterns trying to track him down, but no one could.

Neal Kin, Vladimir Oksman, and Charles Bry all tried to patent Bitcoin, posing as Satashi Nakamoto, but they were proved as phonies when they could provide the original code that was used to created Bitcoin.

Was it solved?

Yes and no. On May 2 of this year, computer scientist Craig Wright of Australia publicized his work and Bitcoin's original code worldwide and announced himself as Satashi Nakamoto, ending all questions about the identity of Bitcoin's creator.

Was anyone convicted? Is the case open or close?

Craig Wright will probably face court cases and lawsuits, as well as government loopholes that will tax all monetary returns he's gained from Bitcoin. However, as of right now, there is stilll worldwide buzz and excitement.

The case is now closed.

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Pertinent details?

Bitcoin is an online currency exchanged for services and other online needs. There is no physical currency or goods in regards to Bitcoin. It is entirely online.