Mrs. Boschen's Weekly News

April 4 - April 8, 2016

This Week's News

We will continue to work on problem solving this week, reviewing the concepts of area and perimeter and remembering the difference between the two. This will also allow us to continue working on our computational accuracy! I encourage you to take a look at the PARCC practice tests if you want to see the type of problems we are preparing for.

In ELEA, we are continuing to work on our Opinions Matter unit. Students are continuing to summarize non-fiction and being sure that they can support their thinking with evidence. We are also looking at multiple texts on the same topic to compare them, which means we have to have a solid understanding of BOTH texts. Students have also been looking at their spring MAPS scores and are working on setting personal goals for their learning in reading this marking period.

In science we are learning about animals living in groups. Students will be choosing an animal, completing some research, and sharing what they learned about this animal in the upcoming week(s). I am sure that we will learn some interesting things about animal groups!

Please remind your children to keep working on their cursive - our completion target is April 22!

Math Facts

PLEASE help you child practice and learn their math facts. We have been working on problem solving with computation, and many of the errors that we have been dealing with are because students still aren't solid with their facts. It is an expectation that all 3rd graders have completed all 30 facts levels by the end of the year, as 4th grade (and often our class) works with more complex computation. THANK YOU!