Non-Traditional Job Myths

By: Devin Wasylak

Men Are Not Nurturing Enough To Work With Small Children

This myth was created from the days it was the women's job to stay home and raise the children and the men's job to work. This is not true because nuturing is more of a matter of personality, not gender.

Women Are Not Strong Enough For Trade Or Construction

Veteran construction workers say that construction and/or trade is mentally hard, not physical. Women are well conditioned and can make adaptations in the work techniques to make advantage of their lower body strength. Lack of strength is not a factor in job performance.

Men Who Work In Non-Traditional Careers Are Not Masculine. Women Who Work in Non-Tradtional Careers Are Not Feminine

Both genders need to persue careers based on interest, skills, and satisfaction.

Females Do Not Have Strong Aptitude For Math And Science

Men still outnumber women in STEM Careers. Women have the aptitude, but historically there have been challenges, including a shortage of female mentors, lack of acceptance, and coping with gender differences.

Women Will Leave Employment To Get Married And Have Children

Best jobs should go to men because women leave employment to get married and have children. On average, women will work 30 years over the course of her lifetime. More than half of women who have children return to work within 1- 3 years.